The shop is run directly by the artist’s team. All prints are produced in Hahnemühle German Etching paper and approved, signed, packaged and shipped directly from my studio located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

I get asked this question constantly in my Instagram feed, but these are indeed drawing prints on matte fine art paper. All of the images are captured in private sessions with models in my photography studio, and then drawn in a hyperrealistic technique with graphite and charcoal on fine art paper.

The limited edition prints are signed, titled and numbered. They are printed on a higher quality 100% cotton matte 310gm Hahnemühle German Etching paper (Giclée system), and produced in a professional laboratory in Miami, Florida. The first orders placed will receive the lowest numbered editions. When this limited edition sells, there will be no additional prints of this particular work. The highly limited quantity helps add value to your investment in my work. If you don't want to miss out on a new release, subscribe to my mailing list.

Each print is individually packed in a protective acid-free sleeve and rolled into a firm, round mailing shipping tube.
Orders are shipped via Federal Express (FedEx) with an online tracking number.
Please double check your shipping address. You will be charged an additional shipping fee and an extra handling charge if we have to resend an order that was sent back to us due to an incorrect address or if an order was not picked up after receiving notice.

The shipment consists of a cardboard tube containing the artistic reproduction (print) wrapped in protective paper (glazed), a Certificate of Authenticity indicating the numbering and quantity of the limited edition, as well as the care instructions.

It is a unique Certificate, numbered, signed and stamped by the artist, which guarantees the number of the reproduction and how many copies the limited edition contains. It is a tool used to prove the provenance of the work and its origin.

If you have received your print, please unpack it as soon as you can. It should not be kept in the tube longer than it needs to be.
To best re-flatten the print, first find a clean, flat and smooth surface. Gently unroll your print, be sure to keep it completely covered by its sleeve and let it slowly unfold itself. If the print is still curled, carefully place a board or large books over the entire surface. Let it sit for 1-2 days. At this point, it should be flat enough to have it framed.
If removed from its sleeve, be careful to only handle the edges and avoid touching the ink, especially dark parts on the surface. Because of the dense nature of giclée prints, ink is prone to show fingerprints and scuff easily. In order to keep your print in pristine condition, try not to remove the print from its sleeve until it is ready to be framed.

For custom framing you should seek out a professional framer. If you want to frame the print yourself with a customized frame, we recommend to wait until your print arrives to check measurements and the exact size.

It’s best to avoid hanging your framed image in direct sunlight, as UV-rays can fade an image no matter its archival quality. If you’d like extra protection, you can ask your framer for museum glass. This specially coated glass virtually eliminates reflections, blocks most UV-rays and preserves the original for a long time.

Keep all original packing materials as they may be needed for insurance investigation purposes. Email to let us know about any damage as soon as possible. Please include pictures if you can. We’ll be in touch with next steps.